The tastings are conducted only with the noblest type of whisky – the single malt. This whisky is produced only from the best kind of grain – the barley – which allows to fully appreciate the smell and taste values both for the experienced and those who are only beginning their adventure with this liquor. During the tasting we focus on showing how interesting and involving topic “usigi” is and not inundate the participants with the endless amount of information. During the meeting the guests will get acquainted with the differences between single malt and blended whisky, the types and production regions of this noble liquor, what the appropriate process of tasting it is, which producers enjoy respect from the world authorities and why you should not drink whisky with ice. The most interested participants will be presented an unusually vivid history of the liquor and gone carefully into the production techniques.
Every participant will get:
– Professional tasting cards
– Aroma maps – Taste maps
– Materials about the producers

Below, in the pdf file, there are exemplary types of trainings on whisky. The leitmotiv of the tasting, as well as the liquors, can be adjusted to the event profile. For instance, the bankers may be told about the auctions of whisky, members of the board may be told about building their own collection and the managers may get to know why it is better to order whisky at the bar and not at the table. The final offers are made only after consultations with the client.   Exemplary types of trainings:   “Single Malt – the king of whisky” “A walk in Scotland” “Highlands vs. Lowlands” “Silent Stills – distilleries already closed” “Single Malt big wigs” “Single Malt selected specially by Pick and Taste”

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