The tasting of chocolates is a unique and pioneer attraction in the Polish market. During the tasting it will be possible to taste the best chocolates from the world leading producers. Thanks to big variety of the products, everybody, even the most demanding guests, will find a delicacy for themselves. The participants will be able to taste both chocolates from the furthest countries such as Haiti, Madagascar or Ecuador and those produced in very limited quantities. We will concentrate on bitter specialties but we will also be organizing tastings of flavoured and milk chocolates, as well as pralines. 
During the meeting, the participants will get to know which chocolates are healthy, which have healing influence on our body and which should be avoided. Additionally, we will present the unusually entertaining art of tasting, pairing and proper storage of this delicacy. The most interested guests will be told how to match chocolate with the world’s best liquors.
The pairing of Grand Cru chocolates with the best single malt whisky and wines from boutique producers is the biggest feast for all the senses.
Every participant will get:
– professional tasting cards
– aromas and tastes maps
– materials about producers

Exemplary types of chocolate tastings and all the details are in the below pdf file. Both the theme and the tasted chocolates can be adapted to the event’s profile because every meeting is unique and individual for us.
The final offers are made only after consultations with the client.
Suggested types of tastings:
“The world of chocolate”
“Black Obsession”
“Black vs. White”
“White and Praline Delight”
“Grand Cru”

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