Bar liquors

The tastings of bar liquors are recommended to those who would like to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge on exquisite liquors available in best bars. The tastings are mostly recommended to those who spend a lot of time on meetings in restaurants, bars and cafés. We are convinced that the basic knowledge about the most popular spirits will be very useful in establishing new relations, “breaking the ice” and building the atmosphere of friendship and confidence, so much needed in business contacts. Contrary to other tastings organised by our company, here we do not concentrate on only one type of spirits with its careful discussion, but we pass on chosen and the most interesting information about every liquor which is being tasted. This tasting is both having fun and gaining knowledge, mainly through practice. Below, in the pdf file, there are exemplary types of trainings on bar liquors. The leitmotiv of the tasting, as well as the liquors, can be adjusted to the event profile. The final offers are made only after consultations with the client.
Exemplary types of trainings:   “The Alcoholic Strongman” – cognac, whisky, gin, de luxe vodkas “A pinch of sweetness” – sweet liqueurs – Amarula, Kahlula, Amaretto “A journey through the land of liqueurs” – Southern Comfort, Drambuie, Galliano “Unknown liquors” – cachaca, mezcal, tequila, absinth and calvados


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