Low-volume tastings

Low-volume tastings is a show during which we conduct three competitions with a lot of fun of the highest quality. The essence of the meeting is to gain knowledge on exquisite liquors in an informal atmosphere, as well as a lot of fun during contests and games, which definitely make the show more attractive.
Multimedia Tournament is an interesting activity even for laymen. The participants watch fragments of films about wine or whisky and then, after each one, answer simple questions of the presenter. The second game, Recognizing Aromas, is about assigning aromas in bottles to their names written down on paper. During the competition, only the sense of smell is used. The last game, most manual, is about freeing a bottle from special puzzles into which it was entangled.
During the show the guests taste wine and whisky. Participants get familiarized with the exclusive world of noble spirits. We present leading and boutique producers, talk about reading labels, appellations and differences between alcohols regarding their origin. We advise how to pair liquors and food too.
Low-volume tastings is, beside cigars and cheeses, the only non-alcoholic show in our offer. During the evening, a minimum amount of alcohol is consumed, thus the guests can surely drive a car afterwards. This attraction is perfect as a break in day conferences and meetings.
Below you will find more information on this attraction. In case of any questions or doubts feel free to contact us. We will be happy to give you all the information.
Final offers are made only after consultations with the Client.

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