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About Pick and Taste

Welcome to our website. The main scope of our activities lies in organizing professional tastings and trainings related to high-quality alcohol and cigars. We have great knowledge and passion for sophisticated and high-class alcohol, as well as the best types of tobacco. In order to derive pleasure from tastings, it is sufficient to learn a few basic rules, take a professional glass filled with high-quality alcohol or a hand-made cigar and after a few moments relish the excellent taste and aroma. The meetings we organize guarantee the highest quality, unforgettable time and have a form adjusted to the individual needs and expectations of our Client.



The tastings are conducted only with the noblest type of whisky – the single malt. This whisky is produced only from the best kind of grain – the barley – which allows to fully appreciate the smell and taste values both for the experienced and those who are only beginning their adventure with this liquor.

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Wine tasting is stimulating all the senses and it is an unusually pleasure of discovering the unknown. Liquors from all over the world are a unique occasion to meet the variety of aromas and tastes, as well as to find the favourite style. The lecturer inspires the participants to begin the adventure with wine independently.

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Cheese tasting is a delicious journey on the best and the most original cheeses in the world, during which we show products that changed the face of the kitchen forever.



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