Types of tastings

The forms of the tastings depend on the needs and expectations of our Clients. These can be professional multimedia trainings aimed mostly at sharing information. They can also be formal meetings during which the participants are acquainted with the basic issues concerning alcohol or cigars as well as the art of tasting or club meetings that create a pleasant and casual atmosphere within the group. During each tasting we share with the participants information which can be very detailed or more general, according to particular needs.

We suggest the following forms of tastings and trainings:

  • Multimedia training: it consists of a theoretical part which is a presentation of history, processes and regions of production, quality and categories, the methods of keeping, the ways of serving, as well as a tasting part.
  • Connoisseur’s corner (open tasting): in a specially arranged part of a room we serve products of the best producers. Every participant can get useful information on tasting techniques, ways of detecting and grouping the complexity of the various aromas and flavors, as well as ask any question related to the subject of interest.
  • Exclusive meetings: in a private room the participants have a chance to taste refined alcohol and cigars. We firstly share information with the participants and then encourage them to actively take part in the tasting. An atmosphere of uniqueness and exclusiveness is created.


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