Pick and Taste offers a wide range of services connected with high-quality alcohol and cigars:

Tastings: The organization of trainings and tastings of cigars and alcohol, especially wine and whisky, chosen by our clients. We arrange tasting events both for those without the knowledge concerning the field of alcohol and cigars, as well as those professionally engaged in it.

Savoir vivre: The training mainly covers issues connected with cuisine and spirits. Moreover, very useful tips on, among others, choosing the right dress, ways of welcoming guests and selecting an appropriate gift are given.        

Bartender shows: These are short, spectacular presentations of the finest Polish bartenders using the unusual art of flipping bottles – the Flair Technique. They constitute a great start of an event.

Organizing events: We organize complex tasting events – we chose the location, attractions, catering and – our specialty – alcohol.

Consulting: We help our clients create wine cards, their own wine cellars and we help arrange bars. The offer is directed especially to those who pay special attention to having the best products in their offer.        

Intermediary: We help establish business contacts between retail networks, warehouses and importers. Our knowledge of the market gives us the opportunity to choose the best and most reliable companies.

In all our activities we pay special attention to quality. We work only with the best specialists on the market and we offer only high-quality products. Thanks to our rules, we guarantee the finest impressions.
All tastings and trainings can be conducted in the English and German language. Below you will find a general cooperation offer with Pick and Taste company in the pdf format.

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