In May, Pick and Taste extended its offer with a training on Savoir Vivre. Savoir Vivre is art useful not only in everyday life, but also during company lunches or elegant dinners. The knowledge how to find oneself adequate in a given situation may turn out to be of fundamental importance for deriving desired profit from the meeting. Savoir Vivre is not only the appropriate dress, the order and manner of welcome, but also the ability to choose proper glass for a tasted liquor, the knowledge of commonly appearing culinary matches or the ability to select a suitable gift.
The whole training is conducted in an interesting and amusing way so that useful knowledge is connected with a nice form of spending free time. During the whole course the Participants will have the opportunity to taste discussed liquors so that the theme which is touched upon at that moment can be brought closer to them. Each Participant will taste best quality wine, whisky, cognac, brandy, vodka and will have the occasion to smoke the best, hand-made cigar. A savoir vivre training is an ideal way to integrate a group, get information which is useful in everyday life, as well as to spend an afternoon or evening in a pleasant and useful way.
The meeting gets a form of a training, during which we demonstrate different props such as dresses, cutlery, glass and souvenirs. Thanks to it, the meeting becomes lively and interesting. We also find it very important that the meeting is as interactive as possible. We answer questions how to react in specific situations and how to behave to avoid mistakes in the future. We refer to numerous examples and most common situations.
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