Pool Tasting

The pool tasting is an original attraction fitting perfectly to integration, business meetings, as well as a complement of every kind of event. Thanks to combining an unusually spectacular showing of pool tricks with the tasting of exclusive spirits and hand-made cigars, this showing comes perfectly true as the only animation on the event.
The show, hosted by Bogdan “Wizard” Wołkowski, is a perfect enjoyment, during which it is shown how with one shot put in not only two, three or five pool balls, but even fourteen. During the demonstration, the pool balls are jumping, describing circles, going around obstacles, going back, standing one on the other and doing all sorts of surprising tricks.
The tasting of noble spirits or exquisite cigars is a perfect complement of every event. During the tasting there is a possibility to taste products of unique quality, that are almost unavailable in shops, and the influence of alcohol and excellent cigars not only makes it easier to make contact, but also tightens bonds.
The showing proposed by us may simultaneously take place as the connoisseurs corner, where everyone can decide, which attraction is more interesting for them, or in a form of an exclusive meeting, when the animations occur one after another.
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