Weekend tastings

If you have a free weekend and are willing to spend it far from the turmoil of the everyday life, the Pick and Taste company offers you one of its thematic meetings. During three days the participants have the opportunity to gain knowledge about exquisite spirits and cigars. On following meetings we will touch upon different issues, both practical and theoretical, concerning among others: selecting spirit to the appropriate occasion, matching it with dishes, serving and choosing the liquor in specialist shops, as well as creating collections. Numerous helping materials, such as taste and aroma wheels or tasting cards, will be useful in conducting the training correctly and understanding the discussed issues more easily.
The meetings are conducted in comfortable, informal atmosphere and its main aim is to encourage the participants to develop the gained knowledge later. The liquors, which are suggested by Pick and Taste, are specially chosen to present the widest possible range of tastes and aromas. Thanks to it everybody has the chance to find what suits them best.The meetings are fully interactive. We are happy if the participants share their impressions with us as often as it is possible. We try to touch upon controversial issues, which evoke many emotions among the amateurs of wine, whisky and cigars. This makes the tastings a great opportunity to begin fascinating discussions. Basic knowledge about wine, whisky and other spirits or cigars becomes absolutely indispensable in today’s world. A weekend with wine can be a perfect way to combine pleasure with gaining useful information. Naturally, the fact that the tasting is great fun and numerous taste and aroma sensations is not meaningless. Below we present detailed information on the “Weekend with Wine” meeting and the list of suggested spirits. If the guests wish, the list can be a little changed or extended. A detailed schedule and the place of the meeting will be given two weeks before the tasting.

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