Polish spirits

The rich history of our country does not have to be associated only with strong spirits. Meads and liqueurs of the highest quality are perfect representatives of the Polish tradition. This type of training is mostly recommended to foreign guests, for whom Poland is the country of Wyborowa or Żubrówka. During the tasting we discuss such issues as: the production process and its influence on the taste of meads and liqueurs, main producers, as well as culinary matches with those noble liquors. On your request we can also conduct a comparative tasting of Polish products and their world competitors. All aspects are discussed in an interesting and involving way, with numerous anecdotes and stories from the world of spirits. Thanks to it the presentation gains energy and an interesting form. We would like to emphasize that we conduct trainings and tastings in the English and German language too. Below, in the pdf file, there are exemplary types of trainings on noble Polish spirits. The leitmotiv of the tasting, as well as the liquors, can be adjusted to the event profile. The final offers are made only after consultations with the client.
Exemplary types of trainings:   “Ancestral treasures” – meads “The Sarmats’ liquor” – liqueurs “Polish specialities” – meads, liqueurs and Starka “Poland vs. The Rest of the World” – meads, liqueurs, Starka and products from a selected country

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