Savoir vivre

Our training on Savoir Vivre includes many aspects, which are useful during business meetings and official dinners. Due to our interests, we put emphasis on food and spirits. What is more, we touch upon issues concerning appropriate dress, ways of welcoming guests and the choice of gifts. The whole training is conducted in an interesting and amusing way so that useful knowledge is connected with a nice form of spending free time. During the lecture on serving spirits, in order to bring the discussed issues closer, the participants taste appropriate liquors. The meeting gets a form of a training, during which we demonstrate different props such as dresses, cutlery, glass and souvenirs. Thanks to it, the meeting becomes lively and interesting. We also find it very important that the meeting is as interactive as possible. We answer questions how to react in specific situations and how to behave to avoid mistakes in the future. We refer to numerous examples and most common situations. Below you will find more information on the training. In case of any questions, please contact us. We are willing to answer your questions.