Connoisseur’s corner

General information
It is the kind of a tasting, which complements meetings, company events, conferences, galas, receptions and many other celebrations in an excellent way.
This less formal type of a meeting allows the Participants to, individually or in small groups, familiarize with basic information concerning the products, the tasting art and the distinction between tastes and aromas, as well as lets get the answers to all the pervading questions. In a specially arranged part of the room, the participants can choose the products, which suit their tastes and needs best, because at every moment they can have a specialist who will give them any advice. We ensure best quality products in the trainings. In case of strong alcohols, we suggest at least 5 types, in case of wine it is 7 kinds and when it comes to cigars, we present minimum 4 different ones. The products chosen by us are distinguished by a great diversity of kinds, which enables all participants to find their most suitable taste and aroma. We provide professional tasting cards, aromas and tastes maps, information materials about all tasted products and professional glass.
The biggest advantage of this training is the close contact between the trainer and the participants who, encouraged to share their impressions, learn how to distinguish different tastes and aromas and, first and foremost, to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of noble liquors and best cigars.We can provide hostesses, who were specially trained on serving rules and the tasting of precious liquors and cigars, to make the service of the tasting better. We are convinced that their presence will vary every event and will be a special attraction for the male part of the group.
All tastings and trainings can be conducted in the English and German language.

Please note that the connoisseur’s corner is a form of tasting, not an open bar, and therefore cannot be treated as an alternative to the bar but as a complement to it.

Connoisseur’s corner can be of any length, depending on your expectations. However, we suggests that it should not be shorter than 1,5 hours. The maximum time can be extended to several hours.  
The largeness of the group and service
We recommend this training to groups of any number of participants. We have already organized connoisseur’s corners both for 20, as well as 350 people.
Usually there are two people engaged in the service of the training. However, the number of instructors can be increased in order to guarantee the maximum comfort and the best quality of services.