Wine card

In a good restaurant a wine card is as important as the menu. Clients often like to combine their delicious meal with a first-class, well matched wine. If a waiter is to give his advice on the choice of wine, he needs a wine card that will help him. Without it, matching wine with a given meal might be impossible.            
Owing to the fact that we work with the best sommeliers in Poland, we can create such a card that each meal served in the restaurant can be accompanied by at least two types of wine. If you do not have contacts established with the best wine importers in Poland, we help you do that. If you already have your partners, we help you select the best and most suitable products out of their offer.As we are a fully independent company and we know the specificity of the Polish market, we help our clients in trade negotiations with importers so that they reach the most favorable trade conditions possible.