Multimedia trainings

General information
The trainings adopt the form of a lecture, which can be a multimedia one, on a big screen in Power Point, or, less formal, a presentation limited to a talk.
The training is mainly aimed to convey knowledge, but includes also the tasting of the most excellent liquors and cigars. We acquaint the participants with basic, as well as expanded knowledge. The basic one relates to history, production regions, varieties division and the ways of serving a given product. The expanded training can concern a freely chosen issue.
We ensure best quality products in the trainings. In case of strong alcohols, we suggest at least 5 types, in case of wine it is 7 kinds and when it comes to cigars, we present minimum 4 different ones. The products chosen by us are distinguished by a great diversity of kinds, which enables all participants to find their most suitable taste and aroma.
The multimedia presentation is recommended to those who are interested in obtaining reliable and detailed knowledge, as well as to the representatives of alcohol and gastronomic trade, aiming at raising their qualifications.
We provide final tests, which sum up and check the knowledge, to the trade customers and other interested people. We also guarantee certificates that confirm the participation in the trainings. The scan of the certificate, as well as some exemplary slides, can be found below.
Additionally, to make this kind of training attractive, we prepare professional tasting cards, aromas and tastes maps and information materials about all tasted products.
All tastings and trainings can be conducted in the English and German language.

Multimedia training can be of any length, depending on your expectations. However, we suggests that they should not be shorter than 1,5 hours. The maximum time can be extended to several hours.
The largeness of the group and service
We recommend this training to groups numbering up to 60 participants. With more numerous groups, problems connected with maintaining the appropriate atmosphere and silence necessary to convey information may occur.
Usually there are two people engaged in the service of the training. However, the number of instructors can be increased in order to guarantee the maximum comfort and the best quality of services.