Cheese tasting is a delicious journey on the best and the most original cheeses in the world, during which we show products that changed the face of the kitchen forever.
Cheese has been the basic ingredient of human’s food for ages, and combined with wine is one of the best delicacies ever discovered.
The tasting enables the participants to familiarise with an amazing history of cheese and the art of selecting wine for particular cheeses. There might be hundreds of combinations of those two unique products, but successful – only several. The presentation of cheese trade secrets, as well as its production regions is the chance for the participants to discover very subtle differences both in taste and aroma.
The exemplary types of trainings on cheeses were described in detail in the below pdf file. The leitmotiv of the tasting, as well as the cheeses themselves, can be tailored to the event’s profile. The beginning enthusiasts of cheese will be presented cross-sectional tasting of the best representatives of their type, those who look for stronger sensations will be told about the most sharp-tasting and aromatic products, and the sheep and goat cheese lovers will be presented with a separate comparative tasting. The final offers are made only after consultations with the client.

Exemplary types of trainings:

“French Classics”
“Italian aristocracy”
“The world’s most famous cheeses”
“Masters of aroma”
“Goat vs. Sheep”
“Noble Mould”

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