What is the minimum/ maximum amount of people necessary in order to organize a tasting?
Our company organizes tastings for all sorts of groups. We gave lectures to small, medium and big groups. We also organize “Connoisseur Corners” for groups amounting to 250 people. Depending on the size of the group, we help choose the most suitable form of a tasting event.

Is it worth organizing a tasting for people that have already taken part in such an event in the past?  
Of course it is. Each tasting is one of a kind. The knowledge concerning all the above mentioned fields of our interest is so wide, that only by touching upon the basics one can organize many tastings. If our client informs that the group has already taken part in a tasting, we will be more than pleased to prepare a more sophisticated, detailed and complex tasting.

Is it worth mixing different types of alcohol during one tasting event?
Yes. It all depends on the purpose of the tasting and the group taking part in the event. It might not be the best idea to mix intensive cigars with delicate white wines and light Italian cuisine. However, a combination of Cognac and creamy cigars may be a wonderful idea for an exclusive and relaxing meeting. Before you decide on the specific combination, we suggest contacting us as we will try to find a solution that best suits your expectations.

How long does a tasting last?
A short tasting lasts not even an hour, a long one five to seven hours. It all depends on the size of the group and the amount of information that is to be shared.  Very often tastings last longer than previously planned due to the amount of questions asked by the participants. We answer all the questions, independently of the time fixed in advance, unless our clients wishe differently. Usually tastings last from 1,5h to 3h. One should bare in mind that a tasting that is too short does not allow us to share all the interesting information and thoroughly analyze all of the tasted wines or spirits.

What is the cost of a tasting event or training?
Each tasting is unique and differs in many aspects from the others. That is why, in order to prepare a complex offer of a tasting event or training, we have to know the size of the planned budget. The products – alcohol and cigars – constitute the main cost of each tasting and their prices usually vary considerably.

Where are tastings organized?
We organize events both in Poland and abroad, at any place or time. We can help in choosing the best location or adjust our needs to the place chosen by our client.

Do the participants get any extra materials/ handouts?
Each participant receives a set of detailed materials concerning the tasted products. The materials concern mostly producers, regions and interesting facts about the art of tasting, the sensory evaluation of wine, spirits and cigars.