Team Building

Up to this moment, the team building offer looked a little bit different, our offer is an unique and only  idea to integrate on the basis of the highest quality wine and noble high – percentage alcohols. The tasting of wines and strong alcohols can be an excellent way for integration and entertainment through rivalry. The competitions created by us guarantee entertainment on the highest level and teaching through experience and participation. Each game requires from the participants other skills and touches different aspects from the world of alcohols. Backword tasting, wine auction, recognizing strong alcohols blindfolded or differing the aroma of pitch from the aroma of oranges is just a part of our offer.
This type of tasting is directed to groups that are looking for unique impressions and emotions, that value the highest quality and originality of experience. We guarantee that after finishing all the games, the participants will be fully integrated.
Below you will find more information on the training. In case of any questions, please contact us. We are willing to answer your questions.
Such form of attractions is recommended mostly to those groups which do not want to participate in the tasting of liquors again and which want to concentrate more on the uniqueness and originality of the meeting.

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