Polish wine

Polish Wines Tasting is a totally unusual and original offer. The show enables the participants to taste and evaluate wines from the best Polish vineyards. The change of regulations regarding the distribution of our national spirits allowed us, after 2 years of waiting, to present them to wider public.
The previous offer of Polish Spirits Tasting included only such spirits as cordials, meads, starkas and vodkas. At present quality Polish wines accompanied them. The show is dedicated to those who appreciate unusual sensations and knowledge, which is not available to wider public. What is more, the patriotic aspect, as well as the possibility of being in a small number of people who got the chance to taste Polish wines, is significant too.
Polish wines are in the beginning phase of their fascinating development, which is going to last for the nearest couple of decades. Examples of such countries as the Czech Republic or England show that we can have fascinating liquors even in an apparently unfavourable climate.
Each participant will receive:
– Professional tasting cards
– Aroma maps
– Taste maps
– Materials on wine producers

Below you will find more information on the training. In case of any questions, please contact us. We are willing to answer your questions.
Final offers are made only after consultations with the client.

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