Whisky and fortified wine

A surprising combination of whisky and fortified wine is a perfect form of entertainment in the evening, as well as a pleasant way to obtain a lot of precious information from the world of wine and whisky.
This meeting is recommended to mixed groups, as wine will certainly suit women, whereas men will be more interested in stronger spirits. Naturally, this stereotype is not the rule and often women reach for ”usigi“ and men for the beverage of Dionysus. The combination of so different, but at the same time connected spirits in a really “magic” way can integrate a group, “break ice” and introduce into nice and pleasant mood, so much needed during events and integration and thematic meetings. The producers of “The Scotch” have started aging their product not only in the barrels after bourbon or sherry. Nowadays, the “finish” is also done in barrels after such wines as porto, madera or even the French bordeaux. During the tasting we will try exactly those, aged in different types of barrels, very rare and unusually interesting liquors. During the tasting the participants will learn why so many tastes and aromas of wine are present in whisky and why the single malt producers endeavour after oak barrels primarily used to store sherry or porto. Every participant will get professional tasting cards, aroma and taste maps and the descriptions of producers whose whisky and wine will be tasted. Below, in the pdf file, there are exemplary types of this training.

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