Wine tasting is stimulating all the senses and it is an unusually pleasure of discovering the unknown. Liquors from all over the world are a unique occasion to meet the variety of aromas and tastes, as well as to find the favourite style. The lecturer inspires the participants to begin the adventure with wine independently. The presentation is full of practical tips and anecdotes. We strongly focus on interacting with the participants. In the end, we give several practical tips, which make the choice of an appropriate bottle in a restaurant and the right glass easier. It may help to create a private collection too. During the tasting we discuss numerous issues and the tasted wines illustrate and help to practically understand what is “nose” and “mouth” in wine and what the differences between grape varieties, regions and vintages are. The first stage has the form of an informal presentation, the other is an amusing interaction with the participants.
Every participant will get:
– Professional tasting cards
– Aroma maps
– Taste maps
– Materials about the wine producers

Below, in the pdf file, there are exemplary types of trainings on wine. The leitmotiv of the tasting, as well as the liquors, can be adjusted to the event profile. For instance, those who like technical novelties, may get to know an unusual progress in the world of wine, the wine lovers may be told about the newest trends and creating their own wine cellar. The beginners may hear many interesting stories about this noble spirit. Naturally what is most significant to us are the tasting impressions so we place importance on wine tasting. Wine tasted must be highest quality and only from the leading producers. Wine tasting is great fun combined with a lot of useful information on this liquor.

The final offers are made only after consultations with the client.

Exemplary types of trainings:

“Introduction to the world of wine”
“A journey through the world of wine”
“Cabernet Sauvignon – the king of red wine?”
“Year 2000 – the last great vintage of the XXth century”
“The taste of the barrel”
“The taste of great regions”
“Raisins of the world wine-making”


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