About us

Pick and Taste is the first company in Poland focusing on the organization of professional tastings and trainings in high-quality alcohol and cigars. We specialize in different types of whisky, wine, cognac and cigars. In our day-to-day work we act according to our motto:

The highest quality, the best brands guarantee of an unforgettable experience”.

We are convinced that basic knowledge of spirits and tobacco is priceless not only when visiting wine shops or confronted with the variety of wines offered in supermarkets, but also during business meetings, elegant dinners or causal gettogethers.

During tastings we strive to disprove myths, exaggerations and prejudices by passing on knowledge that will be useful in everyday life. Our aim is to help our clients discover the real pleasure that alcohol and tobacco give.

Having years of experience in arranging wine tasting events and trainings, we are aware of the needs of beginners, as well as those of our clients for whom whisky, wine or cigars are not a novelty. Due to our long-lasting presence on the market, we have access to the best brands offered and it is our knowledge that helps us select them according to the requirements of our clients. Our passion, combined with superb alcohol and cigars, guarantees a high-quality sensory experience. We have had the pleasure to organise over five hundred tastings of noble liquors, exquisite cigars and highest-quality cheeses until now.

Having in mind the satisfaction of our clients, we continually develop our knowledge. We take part in various tastings, trainings and facultative trips. We visited among others Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Scotland and Tuscany.

Furthermore, we attempt to spread the culture of tasting alcohol and smoking cigars, through facilitating the access to detailed information. That is why we work closely with all the Polish alcohol magazines: „Świat Alkoholi”, „Rynki Alkoholowe”, „Magazyn Wino”. We also promote and expand the internet websites: www.cata.pl and www.whisky.org.pl. You are also welcome to our company blogs devoted to whisky, www.degustacje-whisky.pl, and wine, www.degustacja-win.pl.

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