Our activities origin from our great passion for high-quality alcohol and the best types of tobacco. The establishment of Connoisseurs of Alcohol and Tobacco Association (www.cata.pl) was one of our first steps. It groups people that share our passion. The character of the organization is best described by the following words:

“We aim at discovering the best and that is why we are interested in high-class alcohol.  The highest quality, the best brands are a guaranty of an unforgettable experience. We are not only a club that associates, but mostly a group of friends that share the same passion. Our Association was created out of respect for tradition, we wish to taste, exchange opinions and collect the best alcohols”. 

The creation of the biggest Polish source of information on whisky – www.whisky.org.pl – was our next step. At present this website contains descriptions of all the Scottish whisky producers, both those currently active as well as those that were closed in the past fifty years. Apart from interesting history and descriptions of various products typical of each producer, the site offers many colorful photographs – around 2000 – which, we hope, will increase the pleasure derived from reading.
Pick and Taste is our newest project. We invite you to visit the section “Offer”. There you will find detailed information about our company’s activities.