Beer tasting

Beer Tasting is a journey into the most surprising aromas and flavours in the world of spirits. The variety of styles allowed us to create four elaborated programs. Each of them gives you the opportunity to try 5 beers. The participants, in course of tasting, immerse themselves in the world of extremely rich and engaging history of beer. They ”visit” large world breweries, as well as small craft manufactures. They try beers produced with the use of most surprising methods. They learn how to make their own home-made beer. They are told almost everything about most important styles of beer. They get familiarized with the secrets of choosing the right glass for different beers. They learn how to serve and store beer. Finally, they find out about the most expensive and prestigious beers in the world, whose strength sometimes exceeds that of whisky.
Beer tastings are aimed at groups with a very wide age profile and taste preferences. Beer as a light alcohol is also great for a slightly earlier tasting than, let’s say, whisky. It can be a perfect complement to an elegant garden party, as well as pre-dinner team-building. Beer tasting is a great entertainment that will interest everyone, even those who did not have much in common with beers before. For people who prefer non-alcoholic beers, it is possible to create a parallel tasting set next to the standard one.


Exemplary types of trainings:

Introduction to the world of beer
Beer for advanced users
Beer brownies
Beer curiosities

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