On 21st December, just before Christmas, in a historic Krobielowice Palace, the Pick and Taste company conducted a tasting of noble Polish spirits. During this extraordinarily exclusive meeting, meads of the highest quality, as well as liqueurs of two leading Polish producers were tasted. 
What aroused an enormous interest among our Guests were meads, particularly “maliniak” (a raspberry-flavoured mead) and an oriental liqueur on the basis of oranges which especially was to men’s group’s liking. 
During almost a two-hours tasting, the participants got acquainted with basic tastes and aromas present in meads and liqueurs, the production process, the history of alcohol in Poland, the most significant producers and many more. Combining the liquors with typical Polish cuisine was another curiosity. 
The promotion of Polish culture, as well as first and foremost the spirits of the best quality, with which Poland is very well known, is an extreme pleasure and distinction for us. We are also very happy that this type of a training is popular not only with our foreign Guests, who are our main Clients, but also with the Polish people, who more and more often wish to extend their theoretical, as well as practical knowledge on Polish spirits.