On 16th November 2007, in the Sheraton hotel, the Pick and Taste company, together with Robert Rozmus, conducted a whisky tasting. The meeting had a form of a casual conversation. Łukasz Sosiński was responsible for the theoretical part of the tasting and Robert Rozmus for the entertaining and artistic elements. In this way an extraordinary atmosphere between a layman and a whisky connoisseur was created on the stage.
During a one-hour tasting, the participants were initiated into the magic world of whisky. They became acquainted, among others, with the differences of blended and single malt whisky, learned how to taste this liquor, what to pay attention to while buying it, which liquors are best to serve to the beginners and many other issues. The information was specially selected to answer the most popular questions and those which excite the amateurs of this liquor most.
An unusual interest of the participants, as well as the satisfaction of our client, confirmed us in the belief that tastings and trainings on noble spirits and cigars conducted with a celebrity, are a very interesting variation of a pleasant evening.