The Pick and Taste company has expanded its tastings offer since November. The latest trainings concern exclusive bar alcohols and are recommended to people who would like to get the theoretical and practical knowledge of exquisite spirits available in the most elegant bars.
These tastings are mostly recommended to people who spend a lot of time on meetings in restaurants, bars and cafés. We are convinced that the basic knowledge of the most popular alcohols will be very useful in entering into new relations and, as “ice-breakers”, will help build the atmosphere of friendship and confidence, so much needed in business relations. On the contrary to other tastings, which we organize, here we do not concentrate on discussing thoroughly only one kind of a spirit, but we convey the chosen and the most interesting information about each of the tasted beverages.
The bar liquors trainings are divided to:
   Alcoholic strongman
   Pinch of sweetness
   Journey through the land of liqueurs
   Unknown alcohol beverages
The tasting called “The Alcoholic Strongman” is aimed at acquainting the Participants with the most exquisite kinds of high-proof spirits. In this group of beverages there are exclusive: rums, vodkas of de luxe quality, as well as flavoured: brandy and cognacs, gins, whisky and bourbons. It is the type of a training, which we recommend to those who take delight in strong sensations.
The tasting called “A pinch of sweetness” is aimed at acquainting the Participants with the spirits of the highest quality, which are characterized, by sweetness and delicate flavours. Apart from such “stars” as Bailey’s or Advocaat, the Participants will taste Amarula, Kahlula and many other liqueurs.
The tasting called “A journey through the land of liqueurs” is aimed at acquainting the Participants with the most recognizable labels of liqueurs, which enjoy the worldwide reputation and are available in the Polish market. The Participants will get to know orange liqueurs straight from France – Grand Marnier and Cointreau; the delicacy of not only the German hunters – Jagermaister; the original liqueur straight from Gdańsk – Goldwasser; the American liqueur – Southern Comfort, as well as many others.
“Unknown alcohol beverages“ is one of the most interesting trainings in our offer concerning exquisite bar liquors. The Participants will have the rare pleasure of tasting spirits which are not available even in bars serving the most sophisticated positions. Sambuca, grappa, cachaca, mezcal, tequila, absinthe, calvados or armagnac are terms sometimes not known even by bartenders themselves. We wish to acquaint the Participants not only with names, but first and foremost with the flavours and aromas of these rare liquors.
More information, as well as detailed descriptions of each of the training, can be found in “Exemplary tastings” bookmark.