As every year, we do not slow down during holidays and we prepare surprises and new projects for our clients for the busiest months.

This year we managed to visit Scotland, the capital of whisky, as well as the hot wine region of Cyprus and picturesque Hungary.

As regards Scotland, our tastings will be enhanced by new whisky from newly opened distilleries. We have visited boutique places often closed for tourists. We have spoken to master distillers, dived into the most complicated production secrets, discussed tastes and preferences of the Poles. All of it was done to match the liquors with the various senses of style of our clients even better and surprise them with some novelties from the world of whisky.

The Polish people are more and more familiar with wine. Thus we try to find family producers from little known regions. This year we were interested in Hungary and its Balaton lake. They have great white wines, for example Olaszriesling, or excellent and not too commercial Pinot Noir.

We are sure that our new arrivals will surprise you not only during wine tastings but also in the Whisky and Wine Place. All novelties and interesting facts about whisky and wine, which were drawn at root, will undoubtedly make discussions at our tastings more lively.