Some time ago we informed that we changed the location of our office. The change is connected with our new service which is a store with exclusive liquors and cigars combined with a tasting room.
From November, we invite you to our whisky store; the biggest in Warsaw and the second biggest in Poland. Initially, our offer will include about 300 single malt whisky bottles but until the end of the year we are planning to increase their number up to over 500. Thanks to such wide assortment we will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients. What is more, it will be possible to taste about 200 single malts which will be open all the time.
Naturally our second passion, wine, will also be widely presented. 600 specially selected wines from all over the world will interest amateurs and connoisseurs of this liquor.
The assortment will include American whisky and bourbons, aged armagnacs, sweet and dry liqueurs, super premium vodkas and other unusual and hardly-available spirits.
Naturally, we also have surprises for the lovers of sweets who will enjoy imported by us chocolates from leading manufactures from Great Britain, Switzerland or France. Cigar Aficionados will surely find something for themselves too.
Whisky and Wine Place was designed to have tastings and small events here. It will accommodate about 30 people interested in noble spirits and cigars. It will also be perfect as a unique place for business meetings or small conferences.
Currently we are doing the last adaptation work and within the next few weeks there will be the opening of the place to which we invite you today.