As every year, we want to spend holidays on developing our knowledge on spirits, tobacco, cheese and chocolate.
In July we visited a few wine regions in Italy. We managed to taste an outstanding number of wines, both from boutique producers, as well as big and most well-known vineyards. The trip will surely result in new wines presented during our tastings. You will also be able to taste them in our new place for the connoisseurs of liquors, which is almost ready.
In Italy we visited the producer of blue cheese too. During tasting, we managed to work out further new culinary pairings with which we will familiarize our guests during our cheese tastings.
Also the Canary Islands are a very original wine region, where you can taste really full-bodied red wines. Volcanic soil and indigenous varieties bring a lot of pleasure during the tasting. In this region we visited practically all most important winemakers and found out about problems, which are caused by the climate during the production process.
On Tenerife we also had the chance to meet one of the local hand-made cigars’ producers. His workshop did not resemble Cuban factories but had a lot of charm. Unfortunately, the taste of cigars was not as good as of the leading world brands.