As every year, holidays is the time, when we travel in search of new tasting challenges. This time we went to Italy’s Campania, the land famous for outstanding cheese and aromatic wine.
The volcanic soil of Vesuvius’s slopes is ideal for growing grapevine. Nearby hills are a perfect land for raising cattle whose milk is used for the production of the most sophisticated cheese.
This time we focused on cheese education, however we did not forget about pairing it with alcohol. All in all, Naples is not only wine but also perfect Limoncello made from local juicy, sweet and aromatic lemons. What we remembered the most were a few unusual tastings of mould cheeses and they will certainly be present at our tastings back in Poland.
The way to Campania goes through Alto Adige, which we visited after a three-year break in order to observe further positive changes in this region. We also spent the next few days in beautiful Umbria, called the green heart of Italy, where we tasted famous wines – Orvietto or Sagrentino.
The way back was an occasion to visit vineyards at the Danube. The regions of Kremstal, Kamptal and Wachau another time show that the search of the highest quality white wines is exceptionally easy there. And Rieslings from Wachau are the absolute aristocracy of this variety.
Another travel, another sensations and interesting stories to talk about during tastings. This time it is something more – the products, that you will be able to taste not only at our tastings, but also in our new shop.