Last month we ran very prestigious tasting called Different Faces. During the night spent with the automotive branch representatives, we presented the whole portfolio of superpremium Belvedere vodka.
The participants were familiarized with the secrets of producing this superb product, professional tasting, storing and serving vodka. They tasted pure, flavoured and fortified Belvedere, as well as its newest type – a non-filtered one, produced in the style of Scotch whisky. To vary the tasting, we organized workshops in preparing cocktails on the basis of the most exotic fruit and sophisticated garnishes. The guests were active in preparing taste compositions thanks to which they will be able to easily prepare such cocktails at home.
Vodka tasting supplements our Noble Polish Spirits shows. Polish and foreign guests are presented meads and home – made liqueurs, as well as the barrel-aged vodkas.
There is also a possibility to compare Polish and foreign liquors. It seems a very interesting offer for the EURO 2012 matches.