Malt whisky

Single malt: whisky produced only from barley malt, in one distillery but not necessarily from one distillation. Single barrel/cask: a more precise term than single malt. Whisky is produced only from barley malt, similarly as with single malt, in one distillery, but comes only from one distillation and from a specific barrel. Usually a bottle with such whisky has the date of bottling and the barrel number signed on it. Very often such bottles have a higher amount of alcohol, 50% and more, while the standard is 40-45%. Such whisky is not cool filtered. Cask strength: whisky, which was not diluted before bottling. The amount of alcohol may be even 60%. Pure malt/vatted malt: this group is whisky, which was produced only from the barley malt, but in different distilleries (the best known example is Johnnie Walker Pure Malt, that is Green Label).