Rule number one is never to puff the smoke into the lungs. The smoker simply keeps it in the mouth for having a delightful moment and then exhales the smoke watching it rise. Exhaling the smoke like a chimney is not only inelegant but also contrary to the aim of smoking cigars, which is the pleasure of contemplation. Additionally, too often smoke inhalation will cause overheating of the cigar and will make the taste sharp. A slowly smoked cigar will provide 45 or more minutes of pleasure, during which it is best to keep the head of the cigar as dry as one can. It means the cigar should not be kept in the mouth. A wet cigar not only looks nasty but also begins tasting poor when tarry substances and nicotine gathers in the saliva. The cigar should be strongly kept in the mouth but not tightened. The smoker should savour the flavour and not taste wet tobacco. It is not allowed to stub the cigar out like a cigarette, that is crush it on the ashtray. It will cause its smoking and its giving off a very unpleasant and intense odour.