Blended whisky

In the 50’s of the XIXth century, Andrew Usher, a merchant from Edinburgh by profession and The Glenlivet Whisky representative, as the first person blended the contents of several Glenlivet barrels. He received a dense liquor of the flavor not known before. That is how blended whisky was created. It was a total coincidence that it happened at the time when the supplies of cognac and brandy, which were number 1 among strong liquors in England, were strongly threatened by a grapevine disease caused by Phylloxer’s plant louses, which appeared in France in the XVIth century. Then, the Englishmen decide to buy more whisky, especially blended one. This is the biggest group of whiskies (over 90% of whiskies are blends) and the best known. An average consumer knows labels like Johnnie Walker, Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal or Grant’s.