Holidays is the time when we travel, find out about other cultures and taste local dishes and spirits. The latter is particularly important to us.
Tasting liquors from the furthest parts of the world, we delight ourselves in their complexity and rich taste. However, their taste is completely different in the country of their origin and ours, not necessarily very hot. That is why the bottles we transport thousands of kilometres not always taste like the ones from our memories.
Those who would not like to repeat such a story or those who these holidays stay at home are recommended the Whisky and Wine Place.
In the biggest whisky and champagne store in Poland you will find products that always taste the same, which is deliciously. What is most important, you will have many attractions and tastings during all the summer.
We will be very happy to welcome you with a glass of single malt whisky, which will be waiting for you every day. Every Thursday we will open wine bottles, which will be able to taste all the weekend.
Those who would like to forget themselves in a crowded city or just taste something unforgettable are awaited in the Whisky and Wine Place at 30, Jana Kazmierza in Warsaw.