Last month was very busy for us, as always. We managed to accomplish a few very interesting projects, one of which deserves special attention.
For one of the French companies we did a tasting of liquors and cheeses from the furthest parts of Poland. This popular food-pairing was enjoyed a lot by the participants. They tasted both popular wines and cheeses such as brie or camembert, as well as less known and hardly available specialties.
As regards spirits, we focused on boutique producers of little known liquors, however associated with France. The guests tasted stronger armagnac, calvados and cognac, as well as cider ideally quenching thirst at this season, as well as champagne, universal with every dish.
The cheeses included Comte, Munster and Langres. The tasting was finished with two types of goat delicacies.
Thematic tastings are much more difficult to prepare, but much more interesting and nice to run. Apart from familiarising the participants with the basics such as slicing, preparing platters and garnishes and best pairings, we focused on these little known liquors and cheeses.
All spirits are available in the Whisky and Wine Place. We can always import the cheeses for you.