In July, despite extremely high temperatures like in the tropics, we had an occasion to organize a few interesting tastings.
For one of the mobile network operators we ran a series of tastings on pairing wine and cheese. The clients were familiarized with curiosities from the world of cheeses. They found out how to prepare platters, how to cut cheese appropriately, how to pair it with other delicacies and what is most important, which liquors pair with which cheeses. Paradoxically, it is not always dry red wine. To strengthen the taste of blue cheese, we recommend sweet wine such as Tokaj or Sautern.
Another interesting wine tasting we ran was on comparing products from Chile and Argentina. We selected wine from top winemakers and ran a kind of a battle between them. The tasting was varied with details on their countries of origin and differences between the New and Old World. In July we ran one more tasting which also paired two products but this time it was single malt whisky and dark chocolate. Delicacies which we imported together with high-proof spirits made unforgettable pairings, as well as aroma and taste curiosities.