A vast majority of our events are organized for institutional clients. Very seldom do we have the occasion to prepare it for real connoisseurs and exquisite liquors’ lovers.
Last month we had a great pleasure to run an unusual whisky tasting. It was a gift for the husband of one of our clients. After a gala dinner, we went on to the most important point of the agenda, which was single malt whisky tasting, after which the guests were introduced to the world of cigars. We explained the difference between barley whisky and popular but not very interesting brands, how to taste and store strong spirits and what is their advantage over wine. What is more, the guests got acquainted with the rules of smoking cigars, such as how to hold, cut and light them, as well as how to pair tobacco with liquors.
Individual tastings can be dedicated to the celebrator or, what we advise the most, to their closest friends. Gathering several people enables discussion, exchange of opinions and it allows to look at liquors from different points of view. Naturally, a bigger number of people decreases the price of tasting. 
We believe that strong spirits, whisky the most, is just an ideal present for men, especially if we combine it with cigars. Women, for events such as anniversaries or birthdays, are recommended wine, liqueurs or noble Polish spirits.
A lot of inquiring and detailed questions that were asked by the guests emphasized that we deal with knowledgeable and interested in the topic of aqua vitae people. The evening was very pleasant not only for us. Also the participants found it really enjoyable and, on the other hand, instructive.