The time of holidays is the time of a rest for company meetings, conferences, trainings and for the whole event branch. However, the Pick and Taste team decided to spend July it in the most efficient way.
In sun-heated Spain we managed to visit the world’s biggest cava wine producer, Codorniu. The participants of champagne and sparking wine tastings will enjoy films made in the cellars with three million bottles of aging wine and over 22-km corridors. During the journey we also visited the cult producer Pares Balta, whose mansion stretches out in the middle of a national park. His refreshing white wine will delight Polish enthusiasts of this liquor.
Just at the end of the month, in the sunbeams of the Italian Peninsula, we visited, and in fact heard, the Paradiso di Frassina vineyards. It is probably the only producer in the world who recognizes the positive influence of classical music on grapes. That is why you can hear Mozart through the vineyard’s speakers all the time. Many doubt its supposed positive impact, but you cannot doubt the perfect taste and bouquet of the wines.
It is not only the new types of spirits, new sensations and knowledge, but it is mostly the colourful views fixed on the photos which will make the meetings with this intriguing spirit even more interesting.