Still before holidays and definitely fewer tastings, in the month of June, we managed to conduct several unique tastings.
One of them was the whisky tasting, combined with our latest, interactive contest titled “Your Own Whisky Blend”. The participants, with the use of specialist measures, measuring cylinders, pipettes, as well as the best single malt whisky, created their own aroma-taste compositions. The show was made more attractive by the use of caps, masks and shoe covers so that the participants of the meeting felt like in specialist laboratories. As it turned out in blind tasting, when the guests did not know what they were tasting, they liked the created pure malts very much, as they tasted their own liquors, as well as those made by other groups.
“Your Own Whisky Blend” is another contest, which is offered during our tastings in order to interest the participants in liquors, introduce a little note of competition and integrate the guests.
Another very interesting tasting which we ran was a really exclusive “Whisky and Fortified Wines” meeting. It is a unique formula of a meeting, as the participants taste whisky, which ages, in barrels after different fortified wines, as well as the wines themselves. The women usually choose lighter spirits and the men decide to try whisky of a unique quality, although each guest has a chance to taste both types of spirits. It is a very interactive tasting during which the participants share their opinions on the liquors, discuss their tastes and aromas and compete in numerous contests.