Despite holidays we did not slow down and tried to spend this time busily.
As every year, we did some facultative journeys to elaborate our knowledge of wine. We went to quite distant countries, rarely represented in Poland – Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. Frequent questions from our customers in the Whisky and Wine Place made us visit the leading wine makers and elaborate the wine offer from these Southern regions of Europe which are often chosen by the Poles during holidays. That is why we invite you to our store as we have several unusual “pearls” to taste.
Our other passion, whisky, was not forgotten either. During the whisky festival in Jastrzębia Góra, we represented the Jim Beam bourbon company. It was very nice to share our knowledge, information and bouquet sensations with the participants. On a specially prepared stand, we familiarized the guests with bourbon ingredients, production process, history and flavours of this unusual liquor. The participants were also able to take part in competitions which varied the tasting and the event. The conversation with passionate of whisky and bourbon from all over the country convinced us that more and more people are interested in exquisite liquors and their tastings.