Last month we had the great honour to run a tasting with the Fred Noe, the heir of the Beam family.
Fred represents the seventh generation that produces this liquor and is the current Master Distiller of Jim Beam. Because of his unusual experience and rich history of the family you can say that bourbon is in his blood.
Within two days, together we ran six tastings for the fans of the best-selling bourbon in the world. The connoisseurs of Jim Beam came to Warsaw from all over Poland to take part in the workshops, meet Fred, shake his hand and participate in the First Whisky Debate in Poland.
Our task was, as we are the lovers of Scotch whisky, to convince the public how superb Scotch whisky is. However, Fred Noe was convincing the guests about the superiority of Jim Beam. The aim of the debate was to pass a lot of knowledge and practical information, but what is most important, have fun and informal friendly atmosphere. The reactions of the participants showed that we managed to meet all these aims.
This unusual experience bore fruit also in discovering new flavours and bouquets in the US whisky and it will undoubtedly be presented in our events more often.