Last month was abound in the next interesting tastings, which makes us very happy.
We ran a wine tasting for one of the leading insurance companies during the Iberian event. Rich scenery, wine barrels, huge bottles of Spanish sparkling wine and delicious cheeses were surely held in memory of our guests.
Another unusual event for the representatives of the banking sector was presented with an innovative pairing of wine and cheese. Blue, mature and bitter cheese, as well as naturally sweet white wine from Moselle complemented each other perfectly and created new sensations for our guests.
A big challenge, however, was to rise to provide our clients with souvenirs matching the Scottish night. Specially for them, we managed to import a set of a 12-year-old whisky and its 15- and 18-year-old miniatures together with a book with basic information on whisky.
We always emphasise that we are able to offer unique presents for each type of an event. We can also organise spirits for the whole event.