We would like to thank all our clients and customers for the whole year 2013.
During over 130 events we had a great pleasure to enthuse thousands of people with our passion – exclusive liquors and cigars. What is interesting, every year more and more Poles are interested in single malt whisky and highest-class wine. Every tasting brings more and more difficult and sophisticated questions, which undoubtedly confirms the improving knowledge on exquisite spirits.
The year 2013 surprised us with new needs of our clients. They are more and more interested in rum whose bouquet may be as rich as Scotch whisky’s. Food pairing, especially of wine and cheese, seems to be popular, which is shown by several such tastings during the year.
What is interesting, despite ban on smoking, cigars as an exclusive type of tobacco still arouse a lot of interest and accompany whisky shows. We discuss both basics on cigar savoir-vivre, cutting, burning and smoking cigars, and treat our guests with superior tobacco.