A few days ago we introduced some changes to our website, which aimed at making it even more convenient. In order to facilitate the choice of the liquor, which best fits, the event you are organising, we described all our tastings even more precisely. Below you can find a short characteristic of the trainings.
Whisky – the king of strong spirits, inseparable element of men’s meetings
Wine – the queen of spirits, ideal for women’s meetings
Cigars – perfect supplement for whisky, cognac and appropriately selected wine
Noble Polish Spirits – meads and liqueurs of the highest quality, represent Poland on the arena of international politics perfectly
Exquisite Bar Liquors – very useful knowledge for entering into new relations, “breaking ice” and building the atmosphere of friendship and confidence
Whisky and Fortified Wine – wine will perfectly suit women, while men will be more interested in the stronger spirit
Savoir Vivre – issues connected with cuisine and spirits, as well as the questions of choosing appropriate dress, the ways of welcoming guests and the choice of a gift