In the last days of February, we organized two-day wine workshops for the leading Polish tour operator.
Our Clients very rarely decide to have this form of a meeting (Weekend Tastings) which means three tastings within only two days.
Each meeting had a different leitmotif. The first tasting was the introduction to the world of wines, whereas the second one presented the most famous wine regions and included more detailed information on production, serving and buying wine. On the second day, the Guests discovered the world of sparkling wine by tasting the most characteristic liquors.
According to the wish of the Client, the meeting was full of contests and games, which made the tastings even more attractive.
One of the games was Winebanking – investing in wine. Naturally, all based on London’s indexes and authentic data. Another game, which aroused a lot of emotions, was puzzles with closed bottles of precious liquors, as well as The Contest of Natural Bouquet during which the participants, using only the sense of smell, having eyes covered with a silk scarf, were trying to discover fruit and spices hidden in the glasses.
The Professional Keeper Contest and Sommelier Quiz turned out to be the most difficult for the participants.