The New Year has come and we have new contests. Since January we have introduced two new games, which will be played, during our tastings.
The “2 per mill” contest focuses on agility skills. The participants put on specialist glasses, which imitate the consumption of over 2 per mill of alcohol. Next, in groups, they try to do tasks, which require great concentration and precision.
“The creators of liqueurs” is a competition during which the participants, divided into groups, create their own alcoholic composition. With the use of many ingredients, such as coffee, vanilla, milk, sugar or honey, they make taste-aromatic mixtures. Then, each team evaluate both their own product and the one prepared by other teams. The liqueur with the highest score wins and the participants are awarded with unusual prizes.
We hope that the following activities will vary our tastings much more, which will make our Clients more content and allow even better integration among the participants.
Those two contests supplemented our previous game offer among which are: recognizing aromas in wine and whisky, blind tasting, linguistic game, tasting in black glasses and wine banking.