With the beginning of April, our offer was enriched with completely new tasting, not at all connected with spirits and tobacco. This time we would like to introduce you to a very subtle world of cheese. Cheese tasting is a fantastic way of spending time between trainings. It may be treated as a substitute of lunch too. It is also a perfect idea for an evening dinner. For the first time we present a product, after which it is possible to drive a car.
During the tasting we will present the world’s most interesting cheeses available on the Polish market as well as those imported specially for us. Our guests will be familiarized with the art of buying cheese in shops, tasting it and storing this delicacy. We will also present some useful advice, which will make the selection of appropriate cheese to other snacks that are often served at parties, easier. The whole presentation will be completed with several dynamic films, which picture the wonderful and sometimes mysterious history of cheese.
The participants are provided with various contests, for instance the one to differentiate the original cheese from its popular equivalents. There will also be the tasting of specially chosen wines for the presented cheeses.
More detailed information on the show can be found in The Offer bookmark.