For the few last weeks we have introduced several contests and games for the participants of our tastings.
More and more people are not only interested in professional tasting conducted in an unusual and funny atmosphere, but they also insist on different kinds of activity for the participants.
In order to integrate them and arouse the spirit of competition, we have recently introduced “blind tasting”. It is a form of a game during which the participants, blindfolded, try to recognise natural fruit, vegetables and spices often felt in noble spirits only with the sense of smell. Many times it turns out that aromas we have contact with everyday, during the tasting smell completely differently than we could expect.
Another attractive form of a game during a tasting evening is a “multimedia contest”. The participants are presented different parts of more or less well-known feature films or cartoons and then they are asked questions concerning alcohols shown in the films. Thanks to this it is much easier for the participants to memorise any savoir-vivre behaviour connected with spirits.
Our latest idea is a contest, which combines agility and riddle – “the unbinding of a bottle”. The participants, individually or in groups, receive a bottle bound in puzzle. In a given time, with the use of rings and strings, they have to unbind the bottle.
These are only our recent ideas. Until now, very popular with the participants have also been: “linguistic games”, sommelier contest”, the game of recognizing aromas in liquors”, “knowledge quizzes”, “black glasses” and “winebanking”.